The is like a fine wine – a product of nature whose final flavor is determined by various different factors. Man and nature both leave their imprint on every single tea leaf and in doing so, create a unique aroma in every harvest.

We know and appreciate this detail and thus we focus on the intricacies of every type of tea to make the most of their distinctive characters.

The water

The main ingredient of our Combuchont is the water of the limestone alps. As the name insinuates it is unique in its high mineral content. Originating from the rock of the limestone alps, this water carries its freshness and minerality into the bottle. The extracted tea acts in concert with this water excellently, fundamentally carrying the subtlety of its bouquet. This water is the luxury, that we aim to export from Austria into the world.


Sometimes the time has come, to take your time.

Katharina von Balbin

The time

To refine its aroma and to merge with the water’s body, the Combuchont rests for at least 18 months in our cellar. This is only the minimum of time required to unite those up to 36 distinct types of tea in the assemblage. But even though this process is progressing slowly, the further development is orders  of magnitude faster.

With every new assemblage the evolution of the Combuchont becomes 20-times faster. Equipped with the shelf-life of wine, the most mature bottles of Combuchont are already over 4 years old. This novel beverage will last generations, not least thanks to its simplicity. Time is, so to speaking, both relative and the most important ingredient.

The sugar

The Mauritian sugar used to feed the Combuchont yeast cultures, is a special treasure. Natural, unrefined and without molasses it is a gift of nature. Mauritius is the last in a string of islands that line up neatly along the east coast of Africa akin to a pearl necklace. Madagascar is only a stone’s throw away. 15 different types of unrefined sugar create an explosion of flavor on the tongue, dwarfing the one-dimensional aroma of common industrial products. The golden and grainy types of sugar develop a unique aroma of fruits, caramel and vanilla. The dark and creamy types with lots of molasses even taste of licorice. Thus those ingredients are far more, than simply the food for the yeast cultures.

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