The creation

This beverage was discovered, not invented. It is therefor an addition not a replacement.

The character of the world’s first Combuchont is testament to its refreshing elegance and complex aromata, that were previously unknown in the finest types of tea. Those outstanding Combuchont are the result of a vigorous love for detail. This uncompromising and independent spirit, that has devoted itself to understated performance, embodies the delicacy that is supposed to become the hallmark of the Combuchont. It combines the finest teas of Asia with the innovative energy of


The story begins in the heart of Austria, where Klemens Schraml, youngest son of an innkeeper family, essentially grew up in the family’s kitchen.

In awe of the culinary world and  always looking for modern cooking techniques, methods, logistical procedures and honest foods and specialties, Klemens moved all over Europe. At the age of 24, now working in Switzerland, he was awarded his first Michelin Star. At that time, the yeast culture that is now responsible for the special character of the Combuchont, was akin to Schraml’s pet.

With the opening of the RAU he founded his own interpretation of “nature-based cuisine” that includes a prominent focus on microbiology.


Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited.”

Albert Einstein

The World

In a modern and health-conscious society the Combuchont distinguishes itself around the world through enjoyment without moderation. It is a culinary communication, without speaking the same language. A spirit with the ability to connect distinct worlds.  

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