Time is changing, tea as well.

“Combuchont” is the first cold-bottled tea with the shelf-life of wine. But it is much more than that. Combining the world’s finest types of tea and the exquisite water of the Austrian limestone alps with extensive know-how, attention to detail and a lot of time, this innovative beverage is maturing in the cellars of the RAU.

The “Combuchont” was created and perfected by a chef of the restaurant RAU in Upper Austria as an addition to its extensive selection of drinks. With the highest standards of quality in mind this extraordinary beverage was crafted in the kitchen of the RAU using only the finest ingredients to achieve the best drinking experience possible.



The cradle of the Combuchont is Pechgraben, a part of the small town of Großraming that lies amidst the mountains of the limestone alps. In the realm of St. Barbara, where mining was conducted up until a 100 years ago, the Combuchont now may rest for 18 months. On his journey around the world, award-winning-chef and son of a innkeeper-family Klemens Schraml, has, aided by a little bit of luck, cultivated the very yeast culture that now gives the Combuchont its formidable shelf-life.

“Through extensive know-how I was able to correctly interpret both luck and chance”. Amidst one of the most beautiful forest reserves in the world, classic craftsmanship is now implemented innovatively.

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